Seadream Environment


Following successful sea trials, Seadream Environment plans to survey the Torbay/Kingsbridge and Salcombe estuary. Using their above and below the water specialist equipment, combining images from an aerial drone and a submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), to record and monitor the health of the marine fauna including seagrass and kelp. This seagrass work aligns with Valeport’s ongoing support for charities and organisations working for seagrass conservation and restoration.

We are so pleased to have Valeport on board as a sponsor to our recent round of crowd funding. Valeport instruments are admired by us as a scientist led organisation and respected industry wide. The opportunity to work with a partner of this calibre will help us to develop and thrive as an organisation and will help us to amplify the important survey and outreach work we’re delivering. We look forward to developing a deeper relationship with Valeport and exploring the opportunities with their technology.

Venus Cafe
Loving The Beach – The Venus Company at Bigbury On Sea, East Portlemouth and Broadsands in Devon.

The Venus Company are a proud environmental champion striving to provide tasty wholesome food all delivered with an ethical philosophy. They also always endeavour to take care and maintain the environmental balance of all our beaches to fulfil their mission of being the greenest beach café.

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