Dr Jeanette Sanders

Seadream Environment Trustee

Dr Jeanette Sanders

Dr Jeanette Sanders

Jeanette is a passionate marine ecologist who splits her time between marine ecology research, clinical trials in health research and spending time with family. With skills in surveying, species identification, mapping with GIS, statistics and teaching, Jeanette is keen to promote Seadream Environment’s aims.

Since obtaining a doctorate in modelling the distribution of estuarine species, Jeanette has managed a wide range of research projects. Currently, Jeanette works with Michele Kiernan to run our Citizen Science project – the “South West Jellyfish Survey” – aiming to improve understanding of “jelly” populations around South West England. When not snorkelling with jellies, or scouring beaches to count strandings, Jeanette and Michelle are testing seawater for eDNA – jelly DNA traces that can tell us which species are present.

Jeanette is also a Trustee for The Seal Project and is trying to capture seal sounds above and below the water, as well as the “soundscape” so that we can appreciate what seals hear.

Part of the week, Jeanette also manages health research studies covering issues like multiple sclerosis, weight management and new therapeutic drugs.

During her spare time, Jeanette loves to spend time out on the water or scuba diving with her family – two of whom are fantastic underwater photographers.

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